We aim to
change the system

Work smarter

We love the sound of rules breaking. It’s what we are trying to do to make 'value' a possibility in the orthopaedic implant industry.

We shattered the myth that high value is a result of commoditization. Simply put, we have found a smarter way to create implants.


We believe that the way orthopaedic implants are priced and supplied is flawed to the detriment of everyone. Our purpose is to rethink and change that system.


Our mission is to lower the cost of orthopaedic procedures by developing more affordable implants with the perfect balance of quality, service and price for surgeons, hospitals and patients.


Because of our forward-thinking view of the way healthcare items should be sourced and implants developed, our vision is to play a role in making a more fair and equitable healthcare environment.


We may have different departments, but we work together to break conventional organizational boundaries.

Itai Nemovicher

President & CEO
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Steve Lichtenthal

VP Business Development
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Todd (Fox) Martens

VP Product Development and Dodgeball Captain
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Doug Fulton

Quality & Operations Manager
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Petr Colwell

Sr. Product Engineer
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Landon Whiteley

Product Engineer
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Andres Cordova

Inventory Specialist
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Orthopaedic Implant Co.