September 17, 2020

Biomedical Engineering Intern

You are ready and able to apply what you've learned in the classroom to the real world setting and want to use those skills to help improve the life of others. If this is you, OIC's biomechanical internship will teach you give you the hands on experience you need to learn the ins and outs of medical device design.


  • Super strong work ethic that ensures that you’ll rise to the occasion
  • Get excited about change and challenging the status quo
  • Enjoy the process of taking a design from conceptualization to production.
  • Prefer Legos over PlayStation
  • Interested in helping a small company grow by doing more than just engineering related tasks


  • A small company disrupting the medical device space in a big way
  • Care about patient outcomes both clinically and economically
  • Embrace the power of value
  • Like to push the envelope
  • Looking for a team member, that can do more than just engineering
  • We have fun

OIC is changing the way orthopaedic implants are sold to create better value for US Healthcare.It’s catching on and that’s why we need you.

Job Description:The primary focus of your job will be to help the company meet a mandated deadline regarding implant and instrument identification.Additionally, as part of the team, you will help design and develop surgical instruments as needed. In this role you will work directly with our head of product development, quality manager and manufacturing suppliers to ensure that our products exceed our customer’s expectations.

Here’s the experience and skill-set we are looking for:

  • Successful completion of ME351 with a high grade.
  • Software:
    • Intermediate Solidworks skills, both modeling and drawing creation
    • Basic Excel skills.
  • Strong inter-personal communication skills.
  • Prior work experience, either summer or full-time.
  • On track to achieving a Mechanical Engineering Bachelor’s Degree within 2019
  • The desire to earn a full time position in the future.

Compensation for this position:

Paid internship.Pay grade dependent on experience.

Interested: Send us a note at

Orthopaedic Implant Co.