Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

5.5mm Suture Anchor

In today’s world of healthcare, surgeon success is being defined as consistent and optimal outcomes underscored by improving value. At OIC, we understand the challenges that arise from a shifting paradigm. That’s why we designed the OIC Anchor to preserve surgeon preference and deliver unparalleled value. The OIC 5.5mm Suture Anchor accommodates up to three number 2 sutures of any brand. The result is an implant that offers the options you need at a cost effective price.


  • Anchors made of biocompatible PEEK or Titanium
  • 5.5mm diameter and 15mm length
  • Full length threads for optimum fixation
  • Loadable with up to three #2 sutures
  • Compatible with all suture brands
  • Vented design that may promote increased blood flow
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