August 05, 2021

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

With the launch of the OIC DRPx Distal Radius Plating System, OIC provides some additional color on the impetus behind this product launch.

This week, OIC launched its DRPx System, which provides for a multitude of options for fixing fractures of the distal radius. Distal radius fractures are the most commonly occurring fractures. Furthermore, this fracture occurs most frequently in geriatric patients. What does this all add up to? The biggest opportunity we have as a country to improve value in fracture fixation.

The market is crowded, for sure, with over two dozen available solutions. However, this further highlights the problems we face in U.S. Healthcare, which is why OIC threw its hat in this ring. The field is incredibly competitive and crowded, yet implant pricing does not reflect this at all. Patients and hospitals fly their value-based flag higher and higher each year, demanding that device pricing change direction. However, industry’s answer to value-based care for fracture fixation has been to offer more at the same price to improve value. Data, analytics, web platforms, apps – you name it, a vendor is offering it “for free” if you buy enough of their implants at a high enough price. Doesn’t really sound like value, does it? Value is getting something great at a great price. It’s that simple. Value is not getting something great that’s expensive and getting something you don’t need “for free.” That’s been the best offer on the table until now.

The DRPx represents the pinnacle of what we have been working toward at OIC since inception ten years ago. From anatomic design to instrumentation array and fixation optionality, DRPx competes clinically with the best solutions on the market today but stands uncontested in the value it provides. There is no data package nor analytical purchasing platform that’s thrown in if you buy enough DRPx implants. It’s just the implants at a just price. This refreshing approach is resonating with healthcare’s future that the pandemic has brought to the here and now: the ASC.

Patient, payer, surgeon, facility – those are the parties that must align to improve value for patients. ASCs represent that change and are quickly becoming the exclusive setting for cases like distal radius fractures requiring internal fixation. Surgeries and patient releases are quicker in ASCs than in hospitals, so both the patient and surgeon are happier. Payors negotiate far more stringent reimbursement rates with ASCs than inpatient facilities, so the insurance company is on board as well. The ASC, to make the most of the reimbursement, needs supplies that bring value. They don’t need an app. They don’t need a “free” spend analysis that invariably concludes the ASC would save more if they spent more with that vendor. They need real savings. They need a distal radius plating system that can accommodate a myriad of surgeons’ surgical preferences and techniques with unparalleled value that will keep them ahead of the reimbursement curve.

They need DRPx.

DRPx represents the new guard in orthopaedic implants. It’s the same quality and has all the same features of the best plating systems on the market today, yet one feature is unique – its value. DRPx is OIC’s commitment to clear the path that orthopaedic surgery is on by supporting patients both clinically and financially. It’s something we’ve always done, and the DRPx stands as testament to our unwavering commitment to improve value in U.S. Healthcare.

Orthopaedic Implant Co.